How to be Organized AF (or just fake it till you make it)

Side note - my house is this clean 2% of the time

Side note - my house is this clean 2% of the time

When Indie was a baby I was one of those mums you secretly hate. Always organised, house immaculate, seems to have their shit together, somehow has time to have their hair and makeup done at 8am - I even find old me annoying. Nowadays (especially since school has started) I really struggle to keep on top of everything.

In today’s society, mothers are expected to micro manage every single aspect of the family units lives, and I know I drop the ball a lot. I recently received a phone call from a girlfriend after having a meltdown about how stressed out I was. She gave me some really awesome tips on how to start feeling more on top of things, and once I started I found my confidence again! Even though I’m still a hot mess a lot of the time - I feel okay about that because I have some steps in place to help me get back on track, and I have wine.

Because we teach best what we most need to learn I wanted to share with you guys some changes I’ve made so you can copy and be less of a hot mess too!

My partner and I have synced our devices so that our calendars show up every little note we make, I schedule in all of our holidays, what my work days look like, I even book out date nights because we’re married and you need to book that shit in. There’s less chance now that we double book ourselves with appointments, it has been a life changer!

Meal planning! I know it makes me feel AMAZING when I’ve prepped lunches for the week, and I’m usually pretty good at whacking on some roast veg, boiling some rice and frying up some chicken so that we have meals ready to go. I also like to make big batches of sugar free custard and mushroom risotto for the kids lunch boxes on a Sunday afternoon. But I’ve become really slack at planning our dinners, there’s been a lot of pasta and taco nights at our house recently haha! Which is cool, who doesn’t like taco night!? But for some variety I’ve found a simple printable that I’m going to laminate and stick on our fridge. You can find it over HERE!

Cleaning is THE MOST ANNOYING thing ever. Sometimes I feel like I’m going bananas, it’s the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I don’t know what I expect will happen, someone will come congratulate me on how clean my house is and pay me some money for doing such a bloody good job at it. Or that the kids will take note and not completely destroy what I spent hours doing. I’m complaining, which feels great but doesn’t really help the whole filthy house situation - so I’ve decided to print out a list of cleaning jobs that everyone can read and hopefully chip in. (This is yet to be tested, I’ll let you guys know if my plan fails miserably) But its worth a shot, this is what I’ve printed out - CLICK HERE. They’re blank so I can change chores to what I need doing for the day and I’ve printed two, one for morning and one for evening.

Here are some examples of what I’ve put on my morning list -

make beds

unload dishwasher

put a load of laundry on

spot sweep

wipe over countertops

Take dinner out of freezer/ or put slow cooker on

AM housewide pickup

And what I’ve put on my evening list -

Pack lunchboxes

Load dishwasher

hang up washing

PM housewide pickup


If all else fails, at least when people come to visit you and see your fancy laminated to do lists on the fridge they will think you’re the most organised person ever.

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