North QLD Travel Itinerary Part 1

I have been so excited to share our travels of sunny North Queensland with you!

It was such a HUGE trip that I had to break it up into two parts. I have made it a downloadable PDF so that you can read this itinerary while you’re offline and hopefully find it easier to navigate. This travel itinerary is designed to be downloaded to your device as opposed to printing, if printing please make sure it is scaled to fit. By reducing our paper use we can reduce our support for this generally non-renewable industry.

I would love to hear what you think, and if you will be using it to help plan your own adventure! As I stated above, this is only Part 1 of the itinerary, it will take you from the Brisbane area to the southern tip of the Daintree, Mossman Gorge. The next instalment will be all of the magical places we visited on our way home. I have spent many hours making this beautiful little travel guide for you to enjoy and I hope you love it and find it inspiring!

Please share this guide with anyone you know that would love to travel this beautiful area, below the image is an icon so that you can share to your Facebook community if you’d like to. I have created this itinerary as a free downloadable but do have a request for those who do use and love this travel guide! I ask that if you’re able to, please make a donation to - OPERATION SMILE - this charity is close to my heart, you can read more about their mission on their website.

Please click on the image below to start your download.

Much Love, Mia

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