Ultimate Packing List

When we first started this whole caravanning gig I was really overwhelmed with what to pack - especially with two kids!

What if we forgot nappies, what if we were free camping out bush and couldn’t find a store - if you haven’t already guessed, I can be OCD with things and love being organised (I can also be a little melodramatic!)

My beautiful friend Connie @theconniediaries did me a solid and emailed me her packing list (having friends that are as crazy organised as you has its benefits!) I did a little tweaking so that the list best suited us and have turned it into a printable so you can use it too! I keep mine in a clear display folder and use a whiteboard marker to tick off items as I go. It has made packing so much less stressful and we can leave knowing that we have all of the important stuff.

Click here for printable packing list!